sometimes I let my dog sleep on my bed and sometimes when I try to go to sleep i open my eyes and she’s just smiling at me like the biggest fuckin idiot, like I’m the best thing since sliced bread, and god I just really love my dog




Villennes-sur-Seine Residence by Olivier Chabaud Architecte

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Santorini | Travel

“Para ser feliz, hay que tener mala memoria.”

No obligues a nadie a quedarse, mejor oblígalos a irse. Quien insista en quedarse es quien vale la pena.

All my life a misery. Fate, it’s all designed for me. The only son, a family heir. Dark and mean with silver blonde hair. I am soon to be the tool of the dark lord. Secrets no other could possibly horde. [x]
"Cuando se gustan, se nota"
Pulseras rojas. (via sinrimasniversos)
"Qué te parece si nos decimos lo que nunca nos hemos dicho y a ver si pasa lo que nunca nos ha pasado."
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